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Morrison County Govt Taxation

Little Falls is the county seat for Morrison County. The county is governed by a Board of Commissioners. A county coordinator assists the Board in overseeing County services, personnel management and central purchasing. Protective services are provided by the Sheriff’s Department and local fire departments. The Morrison County Planning Commission together with the County Zoning Administrator, carries out county land use planning and control through county zoning regulations.

The Morrison County Courthouse, which is on the National Register of Historic places, is the location of District Court.

The cities in the county operate under the Mayor-Council form of government. A city council is usually composed of a Mayor and seven council members. The City of Little Falls has a City Administrator, appointed by the council, who oversees the various city departments, coordinates the budget process and implements council policies. Planning, zoning and building inspection activities are managed locally. Surrounding local communities’ law enforcement needs are provided by the Morrison County Sheriff or their own local police force. Each community has its own fire protection.

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A Haven for New, Startup Technology Companies

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The downtown district of Little Falls is fast becoming a haven for new, startup technology companies. Little Falls is home to Atomic Learning, an international software company; Waypoint Technologies, a lake mapping software company; and AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions, a vehicle tracking company. The growth of Little Falls continues, thanks to the early entrepreneurs whose vision gave it impetus.