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Transportation and Utility Services

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Morrison County Transportation

The Morrison County area offers your business excellent transportation, communication and utility services. Little Falls, the county seat, is located 100 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. U.S. Highway 10 as well as Minnesota Highways 371, 27, 25 and I-94 provide easy access to the entire upper midwest.

The Burlington Northern freight line between the Twin Cities, North Dakota and the west coast passes through Morrison County with railroad siding in Royalton and can be extended via a rail siding into the Industrial Development Park in Little Falls. This line carries large quantities of western coal and cargo, and therefore, will continue to be an integral part of the Burlington Northern operations.

The area is serviced by the Little Falls/Morrison County airport which has a 4,000 foot paved runway with REILS and radio controlled runway lighting. It is capable of accommodating business jets, charter service, VFR, IFR and commercial flight instruction as well. Twenty-four hour fuel service is available.

Major Twin Cities based trucking firms service the area, as well as several reliable local trucking companies. Private parcel and courier companies service the community on a daily basis. Greyhound bus lines make numerous stops each day in Little Falls enroute to and from the Twin Cities, Fargo-Moorhead, the west coast and northern Minnesota. Daily service to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is provided by Executive Express.

Morrison County Utilities

Up-to-date water and sewer systems are found throughout the cities in the county as well as competitive gas and electrical rates. Minnesota Power serves the area and its customers enjoy one of the lowest electrical rates in the state. Cable TV is also available in some areas of the county.

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A Haven for New, Startup Technology Companies

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The downtown district of Little Falls is fast becoming a haven for new, startup technology companies. Little Falls is home to Atomic Learning, an international software company; Waypoint Technologies, a lake mapping software company; and AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions, a vehicle tracking company. The growth of Little Falls continues, thanks to the early entrepreneurs whose vision gave it impetus.